You're in the right place – carsandcurbs.com – is your one stop resource to capture all the high speed action while track side.


The passion for racing cars and speed has been in my blood since I was young. Don't ask me why. No one in my family cares a cent. But to me they are exotic, loud, fast, expensive and races have a fantastic atmosphere. I have been involved in photography since 2009 and in particular motorsport photography. From tracking cars on the most iconic circuits, to capturing behind-the-scenes photos of team members working in the pit lane, we bring the action to you through images, written articles and press releases. The best thing about shooting is that I can visit so many amazing places that I wouldn't normally see in any other circumstances, it's a real adventure.

Based on our passion for cars and motorsport, we try to give every photo or publication the attention it deserves! Passion, in my humble opinion then, is a result of many years of dedication, practice and experience. Passion is not something you pursue...it is something that pursues you.



I am Tina George, in daily life I am focused on numbers as an accounting clerk. In my spare time I work with letters and write articles for cars and curbs. In addition, I support the maintenance and completion of the website. The contact with the teams, drivers and other motorsport insiders that we have built up over the years is part of my responsibilities. For me, photography is something I will always come back to, motorsport or not, to process my reality, to document the world around me and to remember small details in difficult times that might otherwise have been forgotten. As photographers and editors, not only is it our responsibility and mission to capture images, but it is also one of the great privileges of our time to explore, to describe, illuminate and excite. We are your eyes on motorsport and try to tell stories through our photos - because there is no language barrier in photography. Images can capture a moment in history for future generations, be a witness to victories, tragedy or joy. We at carsandcurbs.com have taken a different look at motorsport; not by a new point of view, but by giving in to our heightened sense of curiosity.

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