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The passion for racing cars and speed has been in my blood since I was young. Don't ask me why. No one in my family cares a cent. But to me they are exotic, loud, fast, expensive and races have a fantastic atmosphere. I have been involved in photography since 2009 and in particular motorsport photography. From tracking cars on the most iconic circuits, to capturing behind-the-scenes photos of team members working in the pit lane, we bring the action to you through images, written articles and press releases. The best thing about shooting is that I can visit so many amazing places that I wouldn't normally see in any other circumstances, it's a real adventure.

Based on our passion for cars and motorsport, we try to give every photo or publication the attention it deserves! Passion, in my humble opinion then, is a result of many years of dedication, practice and experience. Passion is not something you pursue...it is something that pursues you.



From a young age, my passion for the automotive industry and motorsports has been evident. Growing up, my father's restoration projects on Toyota FJ40s ignited my interest. Formula 1 and the 24 Hours of Le Mans captivated me from the age of 10, with my heart set on iconic cars like the McLaren F1, Toyota TS020, and Lexus LFA.

In my teenage years in Norway, I delved into photography, starting with my father's Canon G9 digital camera. After completing my studies, I invested in my first DSLR from Canon, which remains a reliable companion to this day.

Combining my love for cars and photography, I've spent the last few years capturing moments at race tracks, immersing myself in the vibrant autosport community. This journey has led me to incredible events like the 24 Hours of Zolder, GT4 European Series at the Nürburgring, and DNRT 10 Hours of Zandvoort.

My photography style leans towards wide-angle shots with a slow shutter speed, complemented by a dramatic post-processing technique that emphasizes contrast and vibrant color.

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Bram Machiels

I am Tina George, in daily life I am focused on numbers as an accounting clerk. In my spare time I work with letters and write articles for cars and curbs. In addition, I support the maintenance and completion of the website.

The contact with the teams, drivers and other motorsport insiders that we have built up over the years is part of my responsibilities. For me, photography is something I will always come back to, motorsport or not, to process my reality, to document the world around me and to remember small details in difficult times that might otherwise have been forgotten.

As photographers and editors, not only is it our responsibility and mission to capture images, but it is also one of the great privileges of our time to explore, to describe, illuminate and excite.

We are your eyes on motorsport and try to tell stories through our photos - because there is no language barrier in photography. Images can capture a moment in history for future generations, be a witness to victories, tragedy or joy. We at carsandcurbs.com have taken a different look at motorsport; not by a new point of view, but by giving in to our heightened sense of curiosity.


Hi, I am Frank Frannsens born in 1965 and have had a passion for anything on two or four wheels since a young age.

Photography allows me to share my passion for auto and motorsports with others. It all started with meetings for classic cars after which the microbe spread to racing cars.

Over the years I have learned to not only bring the car through pictures, also through details I now try to convey a story to people. It's my passion that I can throw myself 200% into. It's a microbe that once it gets a hold of you doesn't let go.


As a young teenager, my fascination with fast cars and powerful engines was undeniable. I would frequently ride my bike to a major provincial road, where I could spend hours watching and waiting to catch a glimpse of the speeding vehicles. The thrill of those moments was unmatched, especially when I had the chance to experience Formula 1 races at the Zolder circuit.

About 20 years ago, I was bitten by the photography bug. This newfound interest quickly grew into a passion. Combining my love for fast cars and photography resulted in a fulfilling and exhilarating pursuit.

Today, I am able to fully indulge in this passion at Carsandcurbs, where I capture the beauty and excitement of high-speed automotive action. This journey has allowed me to merge two of my greatest interests into a lifelong passion that brings me immense joy and satisfaction.


Since I can remember, cars have been my passion. Growing up near Zolder, the sound of race cars became the soundtrack of my childhood, thanks to my father, a true petrolhead who passed on his love for cars to me. I developed a particular fondness for youngtimers and GT race cars.

My interest in photography blossomed during my teenage years, also thanks to my father. Combining my love for cars and photography, I spent countless hours at Zolder, capturing the essence of racing. What started as a hobby gradually evolved into something more serious as I shared my photos on social media.

Through chance encounters with like-minded individuals who appreciated my work, I began collaborating with them. With their support, I realized that my passion could turn into a career. Thanks to the encouragement of incredible people, my dream became a reality sooner than I expected.

Now, I am fortunate to work with amazing people and brands, striving to produce the best work possible and learning every day. Living my dream job, I am grateful for the promising future ahead and cherish every moment of it.

For any questions about prices, feel free to contact me for a quotation. The price of my service depends a lot on the what, how, when and where of whatever needs covering.

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